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Kim Rennick

Waldorf, 20601

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Waldorf, 20601

About Kim Rennick

Look at my picture, envision me giving you a huge hug with a Kool-aid smile thanking you for showing up for yourself!

I became a certified holistic health & life coach after my mom transitioned from Atrial-Fibrillation; [heart disease]. I coach individuals to develop a healthy heart, successfully lose weight & keep it off, and to self-improve in transforming their relationship w/self & to improve all other relationships in their life.

After my mother transitioned, I was extremely depressed. Bad habits began to creep back into my life and stifled many of my dreams. Eventually, I decided to go to a spiritual coach. I describe my life; the hazy maze with a little bit of dance and a little bit of praise ;-). Dancing was my peaceful place of serenity, and has been ever since I was a little girl. I knew I couldn't dance LOL, I didn’t care, I just loved to dance. I was the epitome of; "dance like no one is watching".

While in counseling, I did a spiritual journey, I learned to value my worth. I re-dedicated my life to GOD. Me and King Jesus got a thing going on. I give HIM my time every day, and HE strengthens me in faith.

I’m a 2x graduate of 2 elite health coaching schools. Where I learned, how you do one thing is how you'll do everything. I learned how to incorporate my non-dancing happy feet into every aspect of my life which led me to a life-change. In my later years, I struggled with my weight. I used to diet every year before the summer, every other year, I'd gain it back. I learned how to fall in love with my uniqueness. I learned how to eat and I learned what to eat; which made my weight manageable. I'm able to eat whatever I want and was still able to lose 22lbs and keep it off, due to holistic ingredients.

Transformation is inevitable, with a renewed mind, anything is possible. Where would you like your health to be in 180 days, or less?