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Laura Blundo

Arlington, Massachusetts, 02474

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Arlington, Massachusetts, 02474
United States

About Laura Blundo

Coaching for me, is in the trust and safety in the coaching relationship which creates the space in which the client can take risks and stretch beyond what their normal comfort zone might be. The coaching environment is supportive, but not passive. Clients are encouraged to push beyond what is comfortable to achieve the goals they have established in the beginning.

I specialize in coaching around Relationships, which can be committed partners, business, friendships, families or even our relationship with ourself. Let's identify where you are now vs. where you would like to be. We'll discover what it might take to make the shift and what you might encounter along the way. We'll discover patterns and discover what underlying meaning those patterns may have for you and if they are serving you well.
When our relationships are going well, and we feel loved, valued, respected, cherished and even revered, we feel GREAT! When one or more of our close relationships are on the rocks, we can span from angry, disheartened, depressed, disengaged or walled off. What can we do to bring ourselves back online?

I also work with women and men who have discovered their partners have been engaged in sexually compulsive behavior. Sexual betrayal or intimate deception is devastating and quite complex due to the deep breach of trust by the person they trusted the most. Months, years and perhaps decades of lies all comes crashing when there has been discovery. Was it an unintended text? Perhaps porn images on the computer? Maybe it was a bill that should have been hidden. Helping my clients understand what they are experiencing in the wide range of emotions, establish a plan of how to move forward, self-care, boundaries and partner accountability.

We all deserve to have deep connection in our relationships. Let's work together to create it in your world.