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Edana Spicker

Boston, Massachusetts, 02136

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Boston, Massachusetts, 02136
United States

About Edana Spicker

This is what people have to say after working with me:

"It helped me to see where I am and where I want to be."

"I walked away with more confidence."

"I realized I need to present an authentic view of myself."

"I have tangible next steps and ways to take control of my path."

"I've said this several times and I'll say it again; you've really been a tremendous help to me on my professional journey. I really wonder where I'd be mentally and in my career if I hadn't met you. I am just so grateful for your presence in my life!"

As a certified strengths-based life/work coach and editor, I am skilled at helping people do whatever it takes to clarify their goals and communicate it to the world. I use a few assessments based in positive psychology to identify your natural strengths combined with a collaborative and fun approach to coaching. I can help:

• wipe away the cobwebs of self-doubt and inaction

• build a foundation of self-awareness and confidence

• clarify and achieve personal and professional goals

• manage uncertainty or inspire change

• quiet negative self-talk

• recognize and embrace natural strengths

• make decisions from a place of authenticity

• explore new opportunities with confidence

• clearn clutter and/or finish that looming project once and for all

• get things written down from bios to blog entries