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Jamison Jacobs

Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston, Massachusetts
United States

About Jamison Jacobs

My clients are incredible human beings who are willing to confront themselves to create the rich life they deserve to live. Whether, it's time, money, love, career, leadership, connection to family or friends, I work in partnership with my clients to create new pathways and patterns. Choosing life, outside of circumstances is revolutionary. When my clients let go of the past, of patterns that held them back, of limiting beliefs and embrace what's possible, life becomes incredible.

Coaching is a future based conversation which allows you to define and take action on the life you want to live. As a coach, I have a coach. I received my training from Accomplishment Coaching in a year long program. Currently, I am a Program Coach for Accomplishment Coaching, training other coaches. I am a coach because it's the place I feel most connected in my life. There's no greater feeling than working with my clients as they discover their power and ability to create their life. I don't know if I am the right coach for you, but I do know that the only way to find out, is to reach out. 

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