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Leona C. Martin

Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston, Massachusetts
United States

About Leona C. Martin

I am a Career and Certified Life Coach who works primarily with clinical professionals of color, however I also work with clients in various fields. My goal is to always help people land positions that they love going to everyday. Happiness in the workplace should be a priority and one should never settle! Life is so much better when you have a job that doesn’t feel like “work” because you love what you do.

I educate, motivate and elevate professionals in setting SMART career goals, easing the stress of the job search, and obtaining their dream job! 

My ideal clients are those who are motivated, ambitious, ready to put in the work and aspire to be successful. I focus on these six major areas as part of the help that I provide to my clients:

* Interviewing Skills That Get Results

* Building Networking Skills That Get You in Front of Hiring Managers

* How to Reinvent Yourself to Transition Into Your Next Job 

* Career Goal Setting

* Salary Negotiation

 *Psychological Safety at Work

Let’s have a conversation, the “Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting 

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