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Coach Monette Van Lith in Boston MA

Monette Van Lith

Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston, Massachusetts
United States

About Monette Van Lith

Trained in Positive Psychology coaching, Monette draws on 25 years of professional experience on four continents. With strong interpersonal communication and facilitation skills, she brings people together and empowers them to unlock their potential. Her one-on-one and group coaching is tailored to address the specific needs of clients as they navigate the challenging times of change and transition.

Monette's international experience in Africa, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East and her professional experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors give her the insights and ability to understand people at a deep level. Prior to her coaching practice, she managed a medical equipment company in Romania, worked for a non-profit organization in Israel, for UNICEF in New York, and for the United Nations in Sudan. 

She is known for her dedication to excellence and her ability to help others see possibilities for growth and development, even in the most complicated and challenging situations. She is committed to her clients and will go above and beyond to help each reach their desired outcomes.

Monette is the author of the workbook ‘Family Matters’ and co-founder of a company that develops training materials for parents and child care providers. Originally from the Netherlands, she has a Master's degree in international development from the University of Leiden.

Monette lives with her family in Concord, Massachusetts, and meets with clients by phone, video conference, or in person.