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Janet Stokes

Harvard, Massachusetts

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Harvard, Massachusetts
United States

About Janet Stokes

I’m a professional, ICF accredited coach and CPA, who works with leaders that value authenticity and transparency as a way to create bottom-line results. I’m skilled at bringing clarity to root issues and patterns that inhibits a leader’s forward momentum, as well as reestablishing confidence in challenging situations.  My current coaching practice utilizes mindfulness strategies to create a leadership environment of trust and credibility. Neuroscience and energetics are foundational in my coaching style. Right and left brain approaches to facilitate full access to human potentiality is employed, so that leaders feel empowered to create sustainable solutions that make sense, feel right and inspire continued action. 

I believe coaching is part skill, part art. Effective coaching requires a level of skill that is learned through formal training and experience, and an art to sense what direction is best served in the moment. Without both, results are often surface level with limited personal long term growth. For. 

I bring a presence that connects in a professional and profound manner, supporting my clients’ shifts from transactional to transformational.

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