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Karen Pambianchi

Merrimac, Massachusetts

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Merrimac, Massachusetts
United States

About Karen Pambianchi

Coaching is a lifestyle for me. Naturally curious, I’ve been known to ask questions, dig deeper and understand more thoroughly. There’s always more beneath the surface, and what’s beneath the surface has a great deal more influence than we give credit until we reach the point of physical, mental, or emotional breakdown. 

To me, coaching is a powerful tool to help individuals see their lives’ potential, walking alongside them as they live it out. My mission is to help professionals find a work-life harmony that allows them to feel like rock stars at work as they climb the success ladder yet be present to enjoy all that life offers outside of the office.

I sought out my own life coach nearly two decades ago because I wanted to show up differently in my life. The results were amazing. I increased my self-awareness while simultaneously changing my attitude and behaviors almost subconsciously. I leaned into who I was and what I had to offer and stopped trying to change who I was - and it changed my life. 

I took control. I built a career I loved, I designed my life around the people in it, and I held on to myself in the process. I want to help you do the same thing in your own life.

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