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Lynn Festa


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About Lynn Festa

I combine my 30+ years of clinical experience as an Occupational Therapist with The Daring Way™ (thedaringway.com), and the latest evidence from the field of positive psychology to provide each of my clients with a customized, proven action plan to flourish at work and in their everyday lives.I am a HSP Knowledgeable Professional, and I especially enjoy working with people with sensory processing sensitivity (hsperson.com) to fully live their potential in today's overwhelming world.

By building our resilience through evidence based tools and strategies, we can improve interactions with clients, which in turn promotes better outcomes through trust building, boundary setting, as well as empathy and compassion, for ourselves and those we serve. These tools can be applied immediately to help find the joy and passion that lead us to our professions as "servant leaders", and lessen the burnout so prevalent in today's workplace environments. 

I provide individual coaching, group workshops and presentations customized to suit the needs of each group and individual. 

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