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Susan Drevitch Kelly


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About Susan Drevitch Kelly

Offering exceptional career and life transition management services to private and corporate clients. 

Works compassionately and engages attentively, providing in-depth services to diverse clientele, from recent college graduates seeking help in landing their first job, young professionals seeking guidance in making their first major career change, seniors looking for their ‘Second Act' career, individuals looking to re-enter the workforce after a lengthy employment gap, as well as a diverse range of mid- and executive managers striving for a C-level role. 

Susan specializes in Reinvention, carving out alternative career pathways and guiding clients to 'think outside the box' with a penchant for helping others integrate their passion into their profession. 

Coaching and Life Transition Management Programs are customized to assist clients with developing and implementing the tools and strategies they need to successfully reinvent themselves and successfully transition to new employment.

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