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Geoffrey Abeles


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About Geoffrey Abeles

Geoffrey Abeles is an Empowerment Coach and Energy Therapist with sixteen years of healing experience. Geoffrey's unique approach combines cognitive and energetic practices to help clients achieve and maintain a new threshold of healing. He practices an active listening-coaching model in combination with best practices in cognitive reframing and energetic therapy to ensure clients release old patterns and develop new empowering ones. Geoffrey approaches his client's needs with a compressive frame work which is custom tailored to meet their specific goals. 

Geoffrey is passionate about helping people overcome limiting beliefs and negative emotions which keep them feeling stuck. Once a foundation of empowering beliefs is established, accelerated goal attainment is possible.

His approach as a integrative holistic therapist is to create a comfortable, healing environment conducive for change and growth. He helps you resolve your core issues so you can focus on creating the life you desire! 

Geoffrey's core competencies include: Matrix EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, TimeLine® Therapy and Energetic Healing. Geoffrey's is graduate of the premier school, Tad James. Also, he has a B.A in Psychology from UMASS. 

Geoffrey's international practice is based in Arlington, MA. He works with clients world wide, via video conference and in person. He has experience in working with addictions, trauma, self-esteem, self empowerment, weight loss, anxiety, stress, grief, fear, shame, anger, sadness, forgiveness, relationships, emotional wellbeing, energetic boundaries, career goals, life goals, manifesting, releasing limiting beliefs, clearing negative emotions, phobias.