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Lisa Brown

Woods Hole

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Woods Hole

About Lisa Brown

I am a Life Coach with a unique practice and style. I have melded 2 specialties to help women in their 40’s & 50’s facing challenges within their relationship. I am a Positive Psychology Life Coach with a specialty in Relationships. 

My clients have decided to pursue coaching to create a life and relationship where they can flourish and thrive;

Best Self –When you become your best self, your world becomes brighter and more hopeful. Being clear about your values, self-fulfilled and taking ownership of your happiness is empowering. You will be able to align your world to celebrate who you are at your best. Live your life with confidence, energy and strength. 

Couples Coaching – What would your relationship look like if it were as good as you dreamed it could be? Improving it is something you should look forward to, feel good about and have fun with. Couples coaching takes the focus off what’s not working, and puts it on creating the great relationship you want. 

Fresh Start - Be it by choice, or not, your relationship is over. It’s time to make a fresh start. Imagine how it would feel to let go of the past, become your best self, and craft a future that excites you. You deserve to be happy, thrive and live a life you love. 

As a positive psychology life coach we will utilize your strengths and focus on creating a life and relationship you most desire. My clients love working with me because I have "walked the walk" and can relate to their internal struggles. Like an athletic coach we will set goals, I will support you as you step outside your comfort zone, cheer you on and be your partner. My clients can rely on me to help them uncover who they are at their best and help lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Our mission is sustainable positive growth.

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