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Cassandra Popovski

Melbourne, Victoria, VIC

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Melbourne, Victoria, VIC

About Cassandra Popovski

Cassandra Popovski is a certified Life & Health Coach, Corporate Wellness Coach and Clarity Coach, a mindfulness teacher and an expert in business, leadership, and personal coaching, helping her clients develop the tools they need to succeed.

Cassandra draws from her leadership experience from working in the TV industry in high pressured roles on shows such as The Chase Australia, Family Feud, Open Slather and Neighbours.

Understanding the stresses her clients endure on a daily basis; juggling family, relationships and a social life, she provides her clients with a unique coaching methodology that she teaches from a Stanford University based course.

This program provides them with mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools to help them build resilience, remain self-empowered, focused and calm.

Since founding Happy Mind Happy Life Coaching in Melbourne, Cassandra has been offering mindfulness and holistic coaching to teens and both individuals, and leaders in corporations who want to live and work more mindfully.

Her clients are people who want to develop their self-confidence and feel empowered to create the results they desire, so they can start living their best lives.