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Stephanie Crane

Farmington, Michigan, 48335

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Farmington, Michigan, 48335
United States

About Stephanie Crane

I graduated in 1991 with my Masters of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan, after having just graduated with my bachelor's in Social Psychology, also from U of M. I have worked in a variety of clinical settings over the last 25 years but my best experience has been life. I have raised a child who was diagnosed with autism at age 3 who is currently a freshman in college with no diagnosis. I was divorced 7 years ago and have since worked hard to re-create myself, obtaining my Personal Trainer certification, my case management certification, and a life coaching certificate. Through this journey of self discovery, I have learned a lot about health and wellness, taking care of oneself, and for the first time in my life, truly experiencing deep gratitude and joy. I wish to pass these life lessons on to other mothers who are in the position I was at prior to my journey into wellness. I started CALM (coaching and life management) as a way to help people find their calm, despite living in a world of stress and chaos. Happiness is a choice. Sometimes it takes a lot of work, but it IS possible.