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Meet Coach Nearby Katy Hanley in Augusta MN

Katy Hanley

Augusta, Minnesota

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Augusta, Minnesota
United States

About Katy Hanley

Discover the root cause that causes the majority of issues that people face, and heal them.

How to shift and completely remove the mental, emotional and energetic blocks that are keeping you (and your clients) from the life you truly desire. 

Align the mind, heart, and core through love and science.

Heal yourself, your loved ones, and your relationships.

Learn how to deal with self-sabotaging personas that appear. 

How to scientifically step into greater abundance and move into “love frequency”. 

How to shift to a state of profound happiness and confidence.

Learn how to shift limiting beliefs and rewire programming that doesn’t serve you anymore, even if you never realized it was there. 

Learn how to shift disempowering and debilitating emotions into positive and empowering emotions.

Learn how to get in the perfect state before serving or coaching someone for truly transformational results. 

How to live in true alignment with your soul purpose and lead a more fulfilling life.

Create an instant, deep, and lasting transformation for yourself and for those you help.

Learn how to make core identity level transformations so that recurring problems don't affect you anymore.

Learn how to position yourself to effortlessly attract your dream clients without force or uncomfortable sales tactics. 

And much more...