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Michelle Stimpson

Excelsior, Minnesota, 55331

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Excelsior, Minnesota, 55331
United States

About Michelle Stimpson

Michelle Stimpson is an experienced Life Coach and trusted guide in the journey of joyful living, known for inspiring women to find joy and live with purpose through intentional choices and mindful action. She's the Owner and Founder of LifeShine®, a leader in women’s personal & professional development since 2003 and the go-to source for women who are ready to make a positive change in their life.

As creator of the LifeShine Positive Change SystemTM, Michelle leads her clients through a step-by-step process to help them gain clarity on what they 'really' want, and then together they map out a plan to make it happen.

On top of a degree in Communications and Psychology, Michelle is a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute and a former certified Franklin Covey instructor. She also draws upon 20+ years of business experience, including a corporate Training and Development background. Michelle has taught personal/professional development workshops for organizations, facilitated company off-site events, led women’s weekend retreats, and frequently served as an event speaker. Currently, she coaches female leaders and runs a women’s small-group leadership program.

Michelle is living on-purpose by heeding her professional calling of coaching, which she loves deeply. She brings enthusiasm, positivity, and compassion to her work and has a proven track record leading her clients to achieve outstanding results.

LifeShine coaching programs are ideal for women who are done 'talking' about making a positive change...and finally ready to take the first step toward a life of more purpose and joy.

Are YOU ready for a positive change in your life? Contact Michelle for a FREE 'Get Acquainted' Call to share your situation and see how she can help!