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Mandy Hasslen-Gartner

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States

About Mandy Hasslen-Gartner

ADHD Coaching is about partnering with people to help them find their version of a better future.  Whether working with children, teens, or adults with ADHD, or parents who are coping, just trying to do their best, I educate, encourage, and help them recognize their personal strengths.

I partner with children and teens to help them see their invisible strengths while teaching them how to use these gifts to overcome situational challenges.  Together, we find their confidence, I reinforce what they already know, and then guide them through practice to be their own best advocate.  Sometimes I’m their teacher, helping them bridge skill gaps that were assumed to be mastered. Sometimes I’m their cheerleader. Ultimately, I help children learn that they are okay and pretty cool just being themselves.


I partner with parents to help them become the parents they long to be.  I give them space, without judgement, to express frustration over the daily, challenging struggles and acknowledge the sustained effort it requires to succeed. I help them learn about their child’s unique brain, their gifts, and how to put appropriate scaffolding in place to support their child now and as they grow.  Working with parents helps them understand who their child is and realistically what skills they have. Through the coaching process, the whole family can begin to enjoy each other more.

I partner with individual adults to help them identify and use their strengths to build the life they envision.  While each person’s ADHD experience is unique and multi-dimensional, my own ADHD life experience and training allow me to have a unique perspective to appreciate that of others. Together, we build critical awareness by exploring when strengths surface, by recognizing what skills are needed, and by studying the characteristics of the individual’s distinct ADHD brain. This process enables the adult to customize strategies that work best for them.  Reinforcing knowledge and ability empowers the adult to create their own life accommodations to meet needs and manage their ADHD successfully.