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William Rees

Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55403

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55403
United States

About William Rees

Feeling stuck or stressed in a life story that no longer inspires you? Looking to quickly:

1. Improve Awareness + Accountability
2. Reduce Stress + Anxiety
3. Create Meaning + Momentum

As a Certified and Accredited Coach I empower clients around the world to reclaim confidence and clarity in their lives, both personally and professionally through my award-winning coaching practice, Keylight.

My energizing coaching model will swiftly reunite you with your core strengths and values, empowering you to take inspired and satisfying action steps within your relationships and your career.
- - -
I’m William Rees. A creator, a caretaker, a curator of happiness!

My fascination with humanity’s quirky brilliance led me to study at the acclaimed International Center of Coaching where I proudly earned my Certification as a Coach Practitioner.

Crystalizing the most impactful moments and mindset-shifts from my practice, I’ve created The Keylight Model - a premiere, 1 on 1 coaching program which inspires clients, near and far, to cast their experiences in a heroic and visionary light.

Using the proven methodology of Transformative Coaching and drawing upon my background as an award-winning filmmaker, I help shine a cinematic sense of adventure and wonder on the sometimes tricky but ever triumphant journeys of my clients at Keylight.

Wherever you are in your unique story, I show up with honor and warmth, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.
- - -
key light
In cinematic arts the key light is the first and most important light a scene composer utilizes to highlight the form and dimension of the subject