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DeVione Branscumb

Kansas City

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Kansas City

About DeVione Branscumb

My name is DeVione Branscumb, I am the 1st Certified Style Coach in the Kansas City area and the 11th Professional Style Coach in the county. 

I am the owner of Style Vs Fashion StylingCo, a full service wardrobe styling company. We offer virtual and in-person services to our clients. I also train personal stylist and offer certifications. 

We're often asked, "What’s the difference between Personal Styling and Style Coaching™?" Well, when you train to become a traditional personal stylist or image consultant, you typically learn how to help others enhance their outer appearance through skills like:

* Choosing clothes that work with their body shape

* Picking out accessories to express their personality

* Selecting a palette of colors that work with their natural features

* Assessing their current wardrobe and existing outfits

*Making recommendations and curating new outfits to purchase

A Certified Style Coach™ is expertly-trained in ALL these personal styling skills, AND – uniquely – trained in coaching skills like:

* Confidence and self-esteem coaching exercises

* Body positivity and body-image coaching

* Self-image psychology

* Body language and non-verbal communication

There are significant benefits of merging this unique skillset. Personal styling offers amazing surface-level changes (after all, when a client is dressed well they naturally feel more confident because they like the reflection she in the mirror) Style Coaching™ offers a game-changing, innovative and award-winning approach to personal styling.