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Jennifer Reynolds

Branson, Missouri, 65616

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Branson, Missouri, 65616
United States

About Jennifer Reynolds

Expert JFB Myofascial Release Therapist; Professional Life Coach

I've created an innovative program that does a deep dive exploration into the causes and treatment of persistent pain. 

 First, I focus on the largest, most ignored, and under-appreciated organ in the body…FASCIA! I bet no one has ever pointed to fascia as a cause of your persistent pain.  Fascial restrictions often result in pressure and pain. Through a highly effective manual therapy technique called myofascial release – we can eliminate tissue tension, decrease pain and restore mobility. 

Secondly—and this is what makes my approach truly unique-- is that we also explore how your thoughts and beliefs affect your physical body. Traditional models of therapy separate the two. It’s only when we look at both that authentic healing occurs. Through coaching, we can uncover the thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck, the kind of energy you give off daily and how it changes when you encounter stress and what blocks are holding you back. All of these factors contribute to the way your body feels, the quality of your relationships, & your overall satisfaction. 

If you are ready to tackle your pain without prescription medication--or maybe you don't experience physical pain and would like to see how coaching can help your life go from drab to fab--set up a FREE consultation today and we’ll make a plan for you!