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Diane Sherrod

Columbus, Missouri, 39701

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Columbus, Missouri, 39701
United States

About Diane Sherrod

My name is Diane Michelle Sherrod. I am excited to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you. Let me first start by saying, it’s my Divine Calling to help others reach their personal goals.

I graduated from Mississippi University for Women with a BS in Family Studies. I have a Masters Degree in Psychology and Counseling, from the University of West Alabama. I have a second Masters in Adult Education.
I have spent the last 18 years of my life helping others develop and achieve their goals. I am also a Certified Anger Management Specialist, through the National Anger Management Association. I am a certified professional coach through International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches under the umbrella of Mississippi State University’s Center for Continuing Education Department.
I served as a Director of a Family Life Center, where I was able to help connect the dots, in the realm of resource and outreach, on the behalf of my clients. In that capacity, I provided psycho educational classes, that included Anger Management/Conflict Resolution; Effective Parenting; Co-Parenting; Youth Development; Healthy Relationships; and Life Skills
I have experience working with individuals recovering from Alcohol and Drug Addiction. I have provided Case Management Services to individuals and families. I worked as a Youth Court Counselor in the youth judicial system. I have also worked as a therapist, helping individuals living with Mental Health Diagnosis. I have served as a Therapist in a school setting, as well as in the community providing intense, out patient Therapy.
Lastly, I have been an ordained Elder for 18 years, which has allowed me to help clients, per their request, with developing and maintaining their Spirituality.