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Leisa Jenkins

St. Louis

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St. Louis

About Leisa Jenkins

Leisa Jenkins is a gifted practitioner of Performance Coaching. She understands that while a vibrant, passionate life is the goal, many people are hindered by obstacles that can obscure and block their pathway toward achieving that goal. 

Overcoming your yesterday and forging a path to being the person you desire to be, whom you were created to be, for the rest of your life requires clarity, motivation, and resolve. 

After experiencing and overcoming a childhood of adversity and earning her own successes, Leisa began helping others. With intense coaching education, years of experience, and in-depth training, she is able to guide others in aligning themselves with who they really are, learn to understand their own personalities and emotions, and empower them to bring their lives into balance to achieve extraordinary results. 

She has the ability to see clarity in conflict and chaos. Where counselors and psychologists may fail, Leisa and her team succeed by having the analytical insight to provide real solutions for real-life success. 

Her hallmarks are warmth and compassion which she combines with straightforward, action-oriented guidance that quite simply, gets real results. She can help you overcome your yesterday and open the door to a vibrant tomorrow.

A mother of four, Leisa has been happily married for 18 years. Her Christian faith is woven throughout her personal, family, and professional life, helping to guide and inspire other coaches, clients, friends, and family to a life of fulfillment based on compassion, honesty, and respect. 

After training and gaining her certification with Excalibur Coaching, Focus, and Kathy Peel, Leisa founded Family in Balance and Take Action Coaching. She trains other coaches while coaching hundreds of individuals and families herself. She has served as a corporate coach and speaker throughout St Louis area. She has hosted her own radio show and podcast and remains a consistent writer on my blogs sites and magazines.