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Shannon Norman

St. Louis, 63101

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St. Louis, 63101

About Shannon Norman

I coach women who feel excluded, disrespected, and treated differently by men at work with little hope for advancement.
Do you find yourself not speaking up or being listened to by male colleagues or leaders? Do you feel like you've been overlooked for opportunities because you are female? Are you tired of being treated less than? There is hope. This is a new day, one where it all changes. It starts with you believing in yourself, along with a new level of confidence and techniques to break down barriers.
My clients tell me they feel in charge of their future. After working together, their new approach fosters a more inclusive setting and engages others like never before. They were recognized for their contributions and many promoted to higher-level roles. They are invited to join teams and share their perspectives along with adjustments in pay to be equally aligned with men in the same role with equal experience.
I have over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, including coaching and developing hundreds with both Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized non-profit hospitals. I hold the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certificate from the International Coach Academy (ICA) and the Senior Certified Professional in Human Resources (SHRM-SCP). I earned an MBA at Southeast Missouri State University Harrison College of Business as a non-traditional student who furthered her education as a working adult.
I'm passionate about helping women through challenging situations similar to what I've experienced.
I will help you:
-Navigate toward equality and inclusiveness of women in leadership
-Grow as a leader others want to follow
-Focus on self-care
-Add meaning, value and purpose to your life through managing relationships, work/life balance, stress or personal and professional challenges