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Meet Coach Nearby Trish Kinney in Lakeside MT

Trish Kinney

Lakeside, Montana, 59922

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Contact Information

Lakeside, Montana, 59922
United States

About Trish Kinney

Hi! I’m Trish and I work with motivated clients who seek personal growth, increased awareness and a strong desire to show up strong in their lives – regardless of the obstacles they meet along the way.

Because change and fear and doubt are all a normal part of our lives, I help people just like you navigate their unique life struggles with hope, with courage, with intention and with confidence! I help people find and live their why. You have a voice, you have a purpose in this life.

You have a why and I’m going to help you name it and I’m going to help you live it! If you are ready to make a change – maybe one that’s been eating at you for years – please schedule a complimentary 30 minute mini-session with me. I will answer your questions, share the steps of my coaching process, and we’ll discuss what your ideal life can look like.

I’ve experienced the fear you have right now, have faced and surpassed some pretty big bumps in my own journey, and emerged a much less stressed, more empowered, and happier version of myself. I am living my why. I can show you the path to your own big why, and a work-life balance you can start living as soon as we get started.