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Kitty Davidson

Las Vegas, Nevada, 89118

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Las Vegas, Nevada, 89118
United States

About Kitty Davidson

I’m a clinically-informed and integrative coach. You might be wondering what that is? In a nutshell, my professional roots are in psychotherapy. I decided to make the switch into integrative coaching when I found most clients needed more than psychotherapy. My approach to coaching individuals to grow into their best versions are from an East meets West philosophy. I use all of my training as a western trained psychotherapist and blend it with my background and education in meditation, energy work, neuroscience and other integrative practices. My goal in helping people is to uncover what went well for them in the past, what went wrong, and create a specialized program that helps them move into an extraordinary life path. No more being stuck! I have seen the fads in the self-help industry and fads don't work. I am not a "think yourself skinny or whatever" kind of coach. I provide you with concrete and science-based techniques that will improve and encourage your success. If this sounds like something you have been looking for then you are in the right hands. Schedule a Strategy Call with me. I look forward to talking with you about you journey towards success!