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Peggy Johnson

Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101

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Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101
United States

About Peggy Johnson

Imagine waking each day knowing who you really are & what you were created to do. Imagine knowing your strengths & gifts & trusting yourself fully. How would that impact your life?
Imagine BEAUTIFUL UNBROKEN YOU. (That is how I see you.) You can resolve painful issues from your past & move forward, confident in who you were created to be. I have done it & so can you.
I understand deep disappointment & betrayal. I’ve had the rug pulled out from under me. I’ve experienced what it is like to fall on my face. I’ve also experienced what it is like to get back up. I have felt lost, stuck, & uncertain. I used to think my past was holding me back. I thought abuse & disfunction had damaged me, leaving me with limited possibilities & potential. Then, I realized I was the one holding myself back.
Through compassionate coaching, I will hold a safe space & provide the tools you need to obtain a clear inner-vision for your life. I will offer insight & accountability as you create action for lasting results.
I know what it is like to finally live from a place of wholeness. I want to share that experience with you.
I see you. I believe in you. You are not broken. Your life’s story does not define you. You were created with purpose & potential. The things that happened in your life have brought you to where you are now & can become your greatest source of strength. You can create change in areas of relationships, finance, business, spirituality, self-acceptance, global impact, & more.
With a combination of education, work experience in victim advocacy, crisis intervention, trauma therapy, & hospice, my 20 year business expertise, & my personal life experiences - I can help you reach your goals & your potential while exploring & fulfilling your unique purpose. You can go from from striving to thriving. Rise up. No more playing small. No more invisibility. Its your life: Make the decision to own it. Live it. Love it. Let's make good stuff happen!