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Shaya Kass

Las Vegas, Nevada, 89107

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    Las Vegas, Nevada, 89107
    United States

    About Shaya Kass

    I like working with professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world who are juggling work and life. The earlier in your career you start, the more years you can reap the rewards of your investment. But as long as you're not dead, you can still grow and change!

    Do you find it challenging to stay focused at work while you are thinking about home? And enjoying home is hard because you are thinking about work? Do you feel like you have lost your priorities in all the "fog of life"?

    The number one job of any coach is helping the client clarify goals. There is a joke about a pilot who gets on the PA and announces good news and bad news. The bad news is that he is a bit lost, the good news is that the plane is making good time.

    The first thing we will do is clarify your number one and, perhaps, your number two goal. Then we will break down the steps to reaching the goal and what actions you will take. I will help with tools and techniques for staying motivated and measuring if you are on track.

    And all along you will be acquiring the skills to do this on your own. The best day for me is when a client "graduates" and can handle growth on their own. That is the day I really celebrate, when YOU WIN!

    I have been a teacher and university lecturer for over 35 years. At some point I realized that I was doing a pretty good job at giving over information but what my students needed help with was confidence and staying on track. So I learned coaching to help them with that.

    Now you can get the benefit of all those years that I was helping my students and clients learn, grow, create goals and stay on track.

    It is an honor to coach people. It will be an honor to coach you. Contact me for a free strategy session.

    Visit my website for the latest science on staying mindful and all the benefits that mindfulness can give you.

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