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Denise Fountain

Denville, New Jersey, NJ

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Denville, New Jersey, NJ
United States

About Denise Fountain

Working with moms (some dads too!) confidently maneuver through the ages and stages of parenting is my passion. Relationship changes, growing kids, health and nutrition are all top priorities. So are you! As a certified life coach, former preschool teacher, and mom of two young adults, I understand the challenges and overwhelm that parents face. Just when you think you've got the parenting game figured out, the next phase of parenting comes along. It's easy to lose yourself in the midst of the busy parenting, and easier to second guess whether you're getting it right. Taking care of ourselves, putting ourselves first so that we have more to give our families, becoming confident about health care choices is crucial. I'm passionate about helping women take a look at what's working and what's not, and to think outside the box for new solutions that feel great.
As my coaching and my life has evolved, I've become ever more passionate about not only being advocates for our kids, but advocates for ourselves too. Letting our kids grow and let go is the key to raising independent, self-sufficient children. When we let them learn from their mistakes, there really are no mistakes.
Managing our health with confidence is crucial. Taking charge of medical health, deciding what makes sense for you and being knowledgeable and courageous enough to step outside the box are keys to health success. Too often, we get comfortable with our doctors and our medical quirks. Let me help you take a good look at optimizing your health, happiness and life so that you can live with less stress and more joy!