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Cindy Taylor

Edgewater, New Jersey, 07020

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Edgewater, New Jersey, 07020
United States

About Cindy Taylor

Are you haunted by a sense that there is more to your business, career or personal life than what you’ve achieved up until now? Not sure what that “more” is, but you’ve got a sense it exists? Perhaps you know what your “more” experience is but you just can’t seem to get or stay moving. Or maybe you’ve hit your mark and you’re still steadily rising, and could use support with getting a handle on your overflow of “more”.

I can help you get beyond these challenges so you can enjoy even more success and satisfaction in your business or personal life.

How? It’s all about self-leadership…that is, your thought processes, decision making and behaviors. I help you look at your self-leadership in an objective, more productive way so you can discover your best ideas and solutions, strengthen your skills, increase your momentum and move towards achieving your goals.

When you work with me you have a non-judgmental, unbiased partner who is 100% focused on helping you create the results you really want.

My years of corporate experience in Change Management (the human impact of business changes) and Professional Development, along with my formal education, are the backbone for my coaching skills. My personal beliefs feed the passion for why I coach. I believe you are your own greatest tool and there’s nothing wrong with wanting more and if you really want it, you can create the opportunity to achieve it.

I serve my clients through one-on-one and team coaching, custom workshops and webinars. I also provide Change Management and workforce engagement services to small businesses and non-profits.

I volunteer at various women’s non-profit support services leading group discussions and workshops on personal development topics including self-confidence, talent building and goal setting.

I’m a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Master Practitioner-Energy Leadership Index (MP-ELI) and have a MS in Organizational Change Management.