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Meet Coach Nearby June Grushka-Rosen in Haddonfield NJ

June Grushka-Rosen

Haddonfield, New Jersey

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Haddonfield, New Jersey
United States

About June Grushka-Rosen

Extraordinar You inspires clients in challenging / transitional stages of life or work to break through obstacles and come through the other side awakened, empowered, transformed – excited to confidently embrace their life / work fully in a way they could not before.

My clients who have experienced great accomplishments are no different than you. With Private VIP Coaching you’ll experience high-level success … you’ll create an Extraordinary Life on your terms! 

— In my coaching skills, you have a true partner helping to achieve a transformational process through which you will gain the understanding to manage any challenge. 

— Together we will create a step-by-step plan to help measure and track desired results.

— We will implement strategies that will make you feel more and more present by taking on the role of the victor, not victim.

— Become clear and deliberate in implementing your goals. Learn to determine your intention, take inspired action and hold yourself accountable. 

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