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Francesca Locicero

Middletown, New Jersey

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Middletown, New Jersey
United States

About Francesca Locicero

Hi, my name is Francesca “Frankie” Locicero! I am the founder of “Let’s Be Frank Health & Life Coaching.” In addition to being a certified health and life coach, I am also a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, wife, and mother. 

I have a passion to help people and simplify the answers to their problems. I believe that health comes not just with physical fitness but mental fitness as well. The mental health part is where it all begins. With that in mind, I created Let’s Be Frank to educate my clients on the benefits of changing one’s mindset to live a healthier and more positive lifestyle.

Let’s Be Frank Health & Life Coaching is a more direct approach to getting your health and mind transformations sooner rather than later. We value honesty, and being “frank” if you will, so that our clients can get the answers they need, so they can move on to living their lives to the fullest! 

As a health and life coach, I love helping people turn their negative thinking and negative self-beliefs into a more positive belief system. Many times, people believe their past equals their future, and don’t necessarily know how to use it as an advantage. My strong passion for this has led me to help others stop believing in this negative lie and teach them the truth. With a few simple and quick steps, clients learn to no longer believe in this negative self-talk, and instead find ways to build their self-esteem and their confidence. 

As a personal trainer, I am certified by the American College of Sports and Medicine with special certifications in back, knee, and core strengthening. I specialize in weight loss, core and balance strength training, marathon training, triathlons, duathlons, long distance bike training, and overall health and body wellness.

My experience as a personal trainer is extensive, with clients coming from many diverse backgrounds. I have trained clients including triathletes, high school and college student athletes, children, seniors, cancer patients, police men and women, firefighters, and the average person looking to get fit and healthy. No fitness goal is too big or too small.

My mission is to teach clients how to achieve and maintain a healthy, fit life by using simple techniques that are often overlooked that make it enjoyable and without dieting! The ultimate goal is to have clients live a healthy and peaceful life without the daily anxiety of not being healthy! GETTING THE JOB DONE!

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