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Gemma Nastasi

Red Ban

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Red Ban

About Gemma Nastasi

Most people struggle with making positive changes because they lack the support or the confidence to believe in their success. I work with my clients to guide them to co-create their vision of success and set goals in all areas of their life.

Studies show that 50% of your happiness is genetic, 10% is life circumstances, and 40% is controllable. Coaching offers the client the opportunity to use their 40% to create a growth mindset to realize their full potential. Self-regulation, self-care, controlling stress, and having a positive mindset are essential factors in achieving a successful personal and professional life.

As an experienced and well-trained coach, I am aware of my client’s stage of change, and I partner with them in a nonjudgemental coaching process that motivates, inspires, and supports them to achieve their maximum potential. I use skillful questioning, assessments, accountability, and positive psychology techniques to help my clients achieve their goals and change their habits. Together we will discover, define and design your dream of success and work towards achieving it.