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About Jocelyn Sokol

I partner in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires my clients to maximize their personal and/or professional potential. Together we discover what has held them back in the past, and how to move forward in the most authentic and best way possible for each individual. I work with clients who:

*Feel “stuck” in a situation or career and want to make a change

*Feel like something is missing or holding them back from achieving fulfillment and happiness 

*Would like to improve their relationships with their spouses or significant others 

*Would like to improve their relationships and connections with their children, and to feel more equipped to help them navigate today’s social and academic pressures

*Would like to prepare themselves to enter into a new relationship, by discovering what they must leave behind and how to best move forward 

 Hiring a life coach is an investment towards living the most fulfilling life possible. My clients realign with their true inner values to honor what is most meaningful to them. They gain a connected sense of who they are, which gives them a vital understanding of what they want, personally and/or professionally. They become inspired and motivated to embark on the path towards achieving their goals and living their lives to the fullest.

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