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Claire Cleary


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About Claire Cleary

I help people drink less alcohol.

Have you been thinking about cutting back on your drinking? 

Thinking that you should, but not really wanting to.

Thinking that life & gatherings will be sad & not as much fun if you aren't drinking.

And, thinking that you won’t be able to cut back or stop.

I used to feel the exact same way.

I didn’t want to give up all the things that alcohol was doing for me, but I wanted to feel better about myself when I wasn’t drinking.

I finally stopped. And I found out I could still have fun, be fun, destress, & celebrate without alcohol. Seriously.

Just restricting your drinking for a specific amount of time (like doing a “Dry January”) is like putting yourself on a crash diet. 
It doesn’t work long-term.

For long-lasting results, you need to lessen your desire for alcohol. I can help you do that.

I work with clients 1:1 to help them cut back or quit drinking—for good.

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