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Alyssa Keegan

Union City, 07087

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Union City, 07087

About Alyssa Keegan

Pronouns (she/ her)

Hello my friends! My name is Alyssa and I am a Whole Person Coach, dedicated to working with my clients in all aspects of their life. My approach is holistic, illuminating the depth and breadth of your whole self: mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual. I specialize in alternative lifestyles and non-monogamous relationships.

If you have felt like traditional and normative cultural therapy and coaching options have left you wondering where to turn, I am the coach for you. If you have been living monogamously and are looking to transition into ethical non-monogamy in a safe and healthy way, I am the coach for you. If you are someone who has trouble expressing your sexual and/or emotional desires to your partner(s), I will create a judgement-free zone in which you can foster a deeper sense of sexual ownership, and gain powerful tools to foster deeper, more honest communication.

I will actively listen to your words, energy, and body language. I will ask you probing questions. I will hold you accountable in the ways you need, in order to foster positive progress and growth. I will create, with your help, progressive steps you can take in your immediate life, to begin your personal journey to success, whether it be toward better communication at work or home, more dynamic relationship structures, or embracing a deeper sense of self-acceptance. I believe your subconscious already knows most of what you are seeking. Let me help you uncover your individual greatness. I believe in you! Let’s get started!