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Fern Weis

Wayne, 7470

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Wayne, 7470

About Fern Weis

Do you want to
-set high expectations or lower the bar?
-fix it or let your child handle lt?
-accept silence or learn to hear and be heard?
How do you
- set limits and enforce them?
- shift responsibility to kids?

Life can be confusing and draining for parents. You know what to do, but feel unable to follow through. It doesn't have to be this way, and you don't have to do it alone.

As coach, parent and middle school teacher, I understand and have lived the concerns of parents as their children grow up, the rules of the game change, and the role of parent changes.

My work is dedicated to helping parents create a principle-centered life and develop crucial listening and communication skills. These are essential elements in all relationships. They are also critical to be the trusted adult in our child's life. These are the qualities which, if we model them for our children, will help them become compassionate, independent, confident, loving adults.

My practice is based on "The Ten Priorities of Effective Parenting" (Hyde School), and the communication skills program, "How to Talk So Teens Will Listen" (Faber/Mazlish). These programs are the blueprint for excellence in parenting and relationships in general (family, friends, business... and your relationship with yourself).

You will learn powerful principles and skills to take the confusion out of decision-making, improve listening and communication , and bring out the goodness and potential in both you and your teen. You will also work on your own life balance and goals, or the transition into the empty nest years. Discover the person you are meant to be after the children move on.

Coaching-Individual, family, group

* SMART Goals: a failure-proof way to accomplish goals
* How to Talk So Teens Will Listen
* The Biggest Job/Parenting from Principles
* Empty Nest No More (When Adult Children Return Home)