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Martin Cowart

West Orange

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West Orange

About Martin Cowart

I love guiding my clients through their hero’s journey from head-space to heart-space. As a traditional financial planner and wealth manager, the results of the planning we provided were frustrating. Working with a team of brilliant finance professionals, we would do everything to design and implement plans to support our client’s biggest desire; to achieve financial freedom. 

Yet, people, rich or not, still worried about not having enough money to meet their needs and live the life of their dreams. People still struggled and felt powerless over money, and the root cause is NOT about money. It’s a self-worth issue.

We’re holding onto an ego-shadow belief of not being worthy. Our ego-shadow believes we are unworthy of love, abundance, and prosperity, and is constantly looking for opportunities to validate its lie. We need a skilled ego-shadow work facilitator to guide us on our hero’s journey to unlock the abundance of our creative powers in heart space. 

In order to live a life of abundance and prosperity, you must FEEL worthy of living a life of abundance and prosperity and KNOW at the deepest level of your BEING, you are whole and complete with an abundance of resources, including money, to live your life’s purpose. 

I mastered a rare skill facilitating men's ego-shadow work, the magical ability to transform fear and darkness into love and light, to help men discover and reframe their inner conflicts and fear-based blocks limiting their ability to solve problems and create wealth.

By combining ego-shadow work, spiritual wisdom and a daily spiritual practice, I developed a revolutionary coaching program to show my clients how to unlock the gate to financial freedom and well-being. This path of the heart works 100% of the time if you have the courage to face your fears and ego-shadow.

It’s called the hero’s Journey for a reason. It takes courage and vulnerability. 

The first step is to find the courage to face your fears and ask for help, which always feels like vulnerability and how you know it's real. 

There is nothing more exciting than when a client wakes up to the truth of the big “I AM”, the “Be Still and Know That I am God I Am.” and says with clarity and intention, “I am a powerful creative presence, aware of my superpowers to create a world of abundance and prosperity.” This is financial freedom!

If you’re ready to take the first step on your hero’s journey, contact me by email or DM, so we can schedule a free consultation to see how I can support you.