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Alan J. Auerbach

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States

About Alan J. Auerbach

As a Coach I am skilled in deep listening, observing and asking empowering questions. I help clients break through limiting beliefs and become who they are at their core and what is emerging by getting them in touch with their power and possibilities. Clients realize Transformation when they are able to gain from my questions and see at that moment what has been limiting them which comes from deep awareness to an aha moment and leads to a new and exciting direction! Transformation will happen when the client is being listened to, acknowledged and accepted. Coaching brings out your authentic self by a change in the way you are thinking. We will work together in how I can help you right now. Being coached will take you deep into your heart. Coaching helps people become more of who they already are by being fully present. Transformation involves a change in thinking or behavior. As your Coach I will support transformation in you.