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Andrew Healey

Newcastle, New South Wales, NSW

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Newcastle, New South Wales, NSW

About Andrew Healey

Born and raised in North West England near Manchester, and have lived in Australia since 2010.

My background started in Management Consultancy prior to moving into Manufacturing and finally making a career change into the Not for profit sector in Australia.

Coaching Models i use are:
Resilience Coaching (Based on the PR6 Model).
Outcomes focused Coaching (Solution Focused Brief Therapy model).

The Resilience model i use is based on current Neuroscience research and factors) that influence resilience in people such as:. 
Tenacity-Persistance, realistic optimism and Bounce.
Collaboration-Support networks, social context and manage perceptions.
Vision-Purpose, goals and congruence.
Composure-Regulate emotions, interpretation bias and calm.
Reasoning-Problem solving, resourcefulness and anticipate/plan.
Health-Nutrition, sleep and exercise.

The package i offer starts with an initial assessment to get a baseline of the 6 "Domains" that we will measure.
Then we will spend 2 sessions discussing the various domains and then we can start to work on improving your scores.
In addition there is access to online resources, a Phone app and the ability to interact with the latest AI Chatbots (and.

The basic concept behind Solution Focused Coaching is that people are more receptive to change and reach their goals quickly when they tap into their own resources and solutions.

As a Coach, I encourage the Coachee to encourage them to see what works for them, reinforcing the solutions found and ask how they can increase their range of available solutions.
As the Coach, i will follow these guidelines:

Work with the person, not the problem.
People have many ideas about their preferred futures.
Focus on the future, not the past.
Ask questions, rather than offer answers.
Examine negative “self-talk”.
Listen for, and reinforce the Coachee`s strength`s and resources.
If it`s working, keep doing it.If it`s not working, stop it and try something else.