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Richard Taylor


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About Richard Taylor

As a career and life transition coach, business owner, and recruitment professional, I have a diverse set of skills and experiences that I bring to the table.

I have always been passionate about helping others reach their full potential and achieve their goals, which led me to pursue a career in coaching and consulting. I have helped countless individuals navigate career changes and transitions, and have a strong track record of helping my clients find job satisfaction and success in their new roles.

In addition to my coaching practice, I have also owned and operated my own businesses, giving me a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. This experience has allowed me to provide valuable guidance to those looking to start their own businesses or take their existing businesses to the next level.

As a recruitment professional, I have extensive experience in identifying and attracting top talent. I have a keen eye for identifying the skills and qualities that make someone a good fit for a particular role or organisation, and have helped numerous companies build strong and effective teams.

Overall, my diverse background in coaching, business ownership, and recruitment has given me the tools and knowledge to help others achieve their personal and professional goals. I am always excited to work with new clients and help them take the next step in their careers and lives.

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