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Joyce Appel

Bridgeport, New York, 13030

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Bridgeport, New York, 13030
United States

About Joyce Appel

As a Certified Conscious Life Coach, I offer unique, personalized spiritual mentoring packages.
What do I mean by spiritual? Together we delve into your life's purpose, your belief systems, old thought patterns, relationships and career. The big picture. Through deep guided meditation we connect with your true self, your higher consciousness via intuitive messages and guidance.
And that's just the beginning!
You will be introduced to new communication techniques, how to release fears, how to connect with others in a whole new way, and manifesting the life you desire. You will feel more vibrant and excited about life!

I have several other techniques, and years of experience to draw from in your one-on-one sessions: Reiki, including Reiki classes; essential oils, crystals, and Vibrational healing. As an RN, I show you how to integrate these techniques with your traditional mind/body care.

Whether you are a beginner or have studied for years and want that "icing on the cake", I would love to team up with you.