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Jennifer Kavanagh

Buffalo, New York, 14214

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Buffalo, New York, 14214
United States

About Jennifer Kavanagh

ife is hard and sometimes you just want someone to listen and validate your experience. I've worked with Christians, the racially traumatized, veterans, foster parents, foster children, parents involved with CPS, persons with an addiction, and seniors with serious mental illness and being heard and validated were a constant theme. If you've experienced general trauma, racial or religious trauma, relationship trouble, low self esteem/confidence/concept, or are in the middle of life transitions I provide a safe place for you to be heard and explore your internal world; a place to start healing from the hurts of life.

I enjoy teaching my clients about trauma, unhelpful and helpful thought patterns and managing emotions to improve overall well being. I offer Progressive Counting which is a tool to help resolve unhelpful symptoms resulting from trauma. My clients are challenged to move beyond their comfort zone to create the change they desire.

I would so much like the honor and pleasure of walking along side you as you start healing from the hurts and pains you've been through; with me, you'll find a safe, warm and non-judgmental space to heal