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Amanda Morgan

New York, New York, NY

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New York, New York, NY
United States

About Amanda Morgan

As an Executive Coach and Learning and Development Consultant, Amanda Morgan works with organizations to build, plan and deliver enterprise-wide development programs and training workshops and serves as a coach for senior business leaders requiring a more personalized, one-on-one approach to development. 

Over the past 20 years, Amanda has worked with a myriad of global, Fortune 100 financial services and insurance companies, as well as esteemed non-profit organizations in the academia, social services and healthcare sectors. 

Amanda and her team of experienced coaches and consultants specialize in the following areas: 

- Executive Coaching: Long-term coaching engagements, paired with 360-degree feedback assessments, are beneficial for senior leaders seeking an unbiased, confidential sounding board and key advisor to help deepen their personal awareness, navigate the organizational, business and interpersonal complexities of their roles and build their range of leadership competencies. 

-Leadership Development Program Design & Delivery: Integrating multiple learning strategies, including 360-degree feedback, classroom training, peer coaching, peer review, mentor assignments, executive coaching and sponsor support, a blended curriculum is designed to provide leaders with an opportunity to interact with and learn from their cross-functional peers and executive team members, share best practices and hone critical leadership skills. 

-Training Class Design & Delivery: Dynamic and highly interactive training workshops for managers and professionals at all levels teach new skills, build business, team and organizational leadership capabilities and improve personal effectiveness, with the flexibility to customize and offer classes as part of an ongoing open enrollment curriculum or a targeted development program for specific teams.