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Ana Paula Cota

New York, New York, 10001

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New York, New York, 10001
United States

About Ana Paula Cota

A Brazilian-born world traveler based in New York, I feel lucky for the eclectic career background and education that have provided me with a broad perspective and set of skills to support my driving passion: human development.

From very early in my professional life, and after navigating the world of politics, non-profit, and the beauty industry, I learned how effective professionals embodied specific qualities involving emotional and social intelligence along with powerful communication abilities.

I have also witnessed enough burnout, toxic leadership, and the "I can't wait for Friday” syndrome, often stemming from work environments that are not conducive to thriving experiences.

While my clients come from various industries, they often share similar challenges related to performance and time pressure, adaptability to change, chronic stress, boundaries, and work or peer engagement.

To help them, I developed the CHANGE method, a six-chapter program that integrates the science of peak performance, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and mindfulness to facilitate positive behavior transformation. Its mission is to support individuals' specific goals and progress while staying attuned to the subtle interplay of continuing growth and lasting wellbeing.

My approach focuses specifically on the emotional content of behavior and high performance in sustainable development through mindful performance solutions.

Things you can expect to work on:
Emotional resilience
Habit and action mapping
Self-leadership skills

I hold a professional coaching certification from iPec, an ICF accredited program, a MA in Psychology and Education from Columbia University, and a BA in Communications.

I'm also a long student of meditation, Flow (the science of peak performance), and yoga which I’m certified to teach.

Random fun facts: I once accidentally cooked for Almodovar and David Burn at a friend’s house part, ran a marathon without training, and have 68 cousins.