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Anastasia Tripolskaya

New York, New York, 10025

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New York, New York, 10025
United States

About Anastasia Tripolskaya

Stuck in a job that doesn't fulfill you nor feels meaningful enough? Hi, I'm Anastasia Tripolskaya, I help successful yet unhappy in their careers professionals explore and finally decide what they truly want to do and how to transition into a fulfilling career/business so they can make an impact and maximize their potential. 

As an ICF Certified Career Clarity, Life Purpose & Business Coach, I'm here to support you at any stage of your journey. From clarifying your core strengths, passions, purpose, and values, to tapping into your biggest dreams and overcoming fears and limiting believes to developing a clear vision of the future and a strategic plan for achieving your goals.

Through my 10-week coaching program, "Find Your Life's Work", you can:

✅ Identify a fulfilling career path or business idea
✅ Create a deeper sense of direction & purpose in life
✅ Clarify your core talents, strengths, passions, and values
✅ Identify industries, companies, roles, and contacts
✅ Build a clear vision of your future
✅ Understand what legacy you want to leave in the world
✅ Develop an actionable plan for making a career transition
✅ Overcome limiting beliefs and fears
✅ Strengthen your mindset
✅ Start going after your biggest dreams