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Benjamin Fitzgerald

New York, New York, 10031

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Contact Information

New York, New York, 10031
United States

About Benjamin Fitzgerald

As a career and business coach, I offer a personalized blend of life & executive coaching, planning support and research-based skill development.

Areas of Specialization:

Career Transition: Moving sectors or accelerating the track you're on

Purpose & Productivity: Managing stress & anxiety, self-doubt; setting meaningful goals; overcoming procrastination; changing habits

New Business Development: Build an efficient & scalable plan to realize your vision or work to pinpoint the opportunity areas based on data-driven insight.

My background:
I've spent 14+ years in senior business transformation roles, leading people & teams through complex change. In under 10 years I grew my career from an analyst position to global director at a London-based data science firm. That real life experience, coupled with over a decade of research in neuroscience, psychology and personal development subjects, informs the support I provide my clients.

My Approach:
In a confidential setting, free of judgement, I help you to overcome your obstacles and, crucially, enjoy the path you're on by relating what we discuss to your core motivations, your values, interests and learning style.

Getting Started
Step 1: Free consultation

Step 2: Three sessions to start, designed around your objectives. You’ll experience the full range of my support, while achieving tangible results.

Step 3: A free review session to review my recommendations for ongoing support, if needed. There's no further obligation beyond this point.

I support clients remotely via Google Meets.

For more information & to schedule a consultation please visit www.benjaminfitzgerald.com