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Bonnie Wims

New York, New York

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New York, New York
United States

About Bonnie Wims

My name is Dr. Bonnie Wims and whether you are experiencing emotional and/or relationship challenges in general or find it is related to moving to an unfamiliar place, I am here to help.  Life’s challenges can be difficult and you may be experiencing depression/anxiety or difficulty in coping with a change. In particular, it can be difficult to feel fulfilled when we move locations and we put pressure on ourselves as a result.  Having been an expat myself, I understand the challenges this pressure can create. Through a supportive and trusting relationship, I utilize my training as a counseling psychologist to help identify areas that are difficult, validate concerns, assist you in challenging your perceptions, and encourage change where possible.  Together we can begin to enjoy ourselves whether we are in our new “homes” or not, and step into the exciting possibilities this change can provide!