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Carolyn AlRoy

New York, New York, 10011

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New York, New York, 10011
United States

About Carolyn AlRoy

"I have been told by clients that I am real, empathic and very easy to talk to, and that I am also practical and not afraid to go into the eye of the storm. I work well with resistance. I want to help you know and understand yourself and where you belong in the world at this point in time."
- Carolyn AlRoy

Dr. AlRoy is a coach and psychologist with multi specialties and two decades of experience. She is an expert and experienced Executive and Career Coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence. She will teach you how to know your strengths, be aware of how you are coming across to your supervisor and colleagues, so you can advance on your career plans. She wants you to have more fun at work, make more money and get true satisfaction.

Dr AlRoy has worked in the US and internationally. She is frequently quoted in a variety of publications, and featured on local and national television.

Dr. AlRoy is available for consultations and appointments in her mid-town Manhattan office convenient to subways, LIRR and PATH trains, as well as via telephone and FaceTime.

Dr. AlRoy does not shy away from challenges in her personal life either. She has been a published poet, and a professional singer songwriter with 2 cds of her music and published music used in television commercial and programming. She wants to help you to live a rich, prosperous life unencumbered by worries, fear and resentment.