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Claire Lunel

New York, New York

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New York, New York
United States

About Claire Lunel

Hi, I'm Claire Lunel!

I'm a certified Health & Life Coach with a knack for everything brain & habit related. 

As I often say: " You can only go as far as your Thoughts and Habits take you " !

My mission is to help you overcome your blocks and improve your life so you can achieve your Relationships, Health or Career goals.

Here's how: 

My method is based on Habit & Mindset Change; the foundation of any sustainable, powerful transformation or success.

With my calm nature but good sense of humor, gentle French accent, and invigorating enthusiasm, I deliver high-impact Coaching and Teaching that help you:

- Feel better emotionally, mentally, physically.

- Make better decisons

- Love yourself more

- Prioritize your needs

- Have better relationships

- Lower you stress levels

- Process and Manage your emotions

- Understand why you do the things you do... and why others do the things they do!

I've always been in the process of passing on my knowledge.

First a TV Journalist in France for 6 years, I became a French teacher for the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) shortly after moving to New York. As a multi-passionate, I still keep a foot in the media industry by managing Live Interviews for the renowned bilingual France-Amérique Magazine.

My various experiences and passions make me a seasoned public speaker with strong communication skills. I've spoken to audiences from 6 to 300 people in different countries, both in English and in French.

My clients are mostly busy professionals, entrepreneurs and parents who struggle in their Relationships, their Health or their Career.

They come to me typically because they're stuck, stressed out and don't know how to break out of their circumstances in order to improve their lives and get the results they want.

One of the most valuable things coaching reveals is that there are often many blindspots that hold us back from having what we want, and as a Coach, it's my privilege to help my clients:

1- Identify those blocks

2- Create an effective plan for overcoming them

3- Reach their goals

4- Equip them with the tools and knowledge they need for change that is SUSTAINABLE