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Dave Wolovsky

New York, New York, 11215

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New York, New York, 11215
United States

About Dave Wolovsky

Life is too short to be unappreciated at work.

To elevate your compensation, you just have to do one thing.

Learn the science of strategic conversations. With my guidance, you can become a master at influence and negotiation. You can use these skills at work to get the recognition and paycheck you deserve.

If you're thinking of asking for a raise or promotion, or searching for a better job, text me for a free consultation to learn how to get there faster.

p.s. sometimes people want to know about a coach's credentials. My training is mixed. MS in Neuroscience and Education, Certificate in the psychology of optimal functioning (AKA Positive Psychology), and training in Imago relationship therapy (for couples). Not that you should trust anyone's credentials. Just trust your gut.